Form K-5 Log In

A user ID and password are required to file Form K-5. If you use WRAPS to file your Withholding Tax return, or you use eFile to file your Sales Tax or other returns, you can use your current log in information to file Form K-5. Please select the Get Started button below to log in or register for a user ID and password.

Form K-5 Filing

The Form K-5 is used to report withholding statement information from Forms W-2, W-2G, and 1099. Once the form is completed, it may be filed electronically by clicking the Submit Electronically button or it may be downloaded, printed, and mailed to DOR at the address on the form.

The electronic filing method may be used to report any number of withholding statements. However, the print and mail filing method is only an option available for those reporting fewer than 26 withholding statements.

K-5 Filing Tips:


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